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Because there’s no place on earth like home, having a pretty, healthy, and safe space is the goal of every home lover.

Join us in a quest to define what makes a home great!

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We all love being in a place where elegant interior décor, excellent organization, and well-manicured gardens create the right ambience of a great home. However, we also know that designing, decorating, and maintaining such a home can be expensive, time-consuming, and at times, stressful. …


Furnishing and decorating a home is easier and more enjoyable than maintaining a pretty, safe, and functional abode. It is exciting to execute home makeover by buying household goods and designing décor projects but maintaining an all-time sanitation, organization, and care around home is —as we know it, an interesting experience.

At UMKIA, we desire to help everyone looking to make great their homes, spaces, and the environment by looking for and bringing together the right home cleaning, organization, care, maintenance, and improvement solutions under this platform for a convenient exchange, and the making of ideal and ultimately happy homes. Besides, no place on earth is like home!

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